In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.
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2017-12-07 HOPE Church Bible Study Teaching - Pastor Wright: via @YouTube
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In order to grow & mature in Christ we need consistent time in the Word, Worship, Bible Study & Prayer.
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About HOPE

We are a people maturing in the love of Jesus Christ.

Committed to God ~ Serving Humanity

HOPE More Than A Name - Mission2

The Theology in the Name

HOPE is an acronym for House Of Prayer and Evangelism.  Inherent in this name is the fundamental belief that unites the people of HOPE with the Body of Christ.  The phrase “House of Prayer” reminds us that it is our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ through faith that affords us the privilege of being the people of God.  The collected body of HOPE as the family of God offers to each believer a safe place of sacred communion with Jehovah.  As a “House of Prayer” HOPE serves as a place where individuals come to terms with their need to know God intimately and their absolute dependence on the Grace and Mercy of The Almighty who loves them beyond measure.  As a “House of Evangelism” believers are confronted with God’s requirement that every Christian serve Him as a witness to His saving grace and power.  Obedience to Jesus’ command to share the gospel provides believers with the ability to bless others by sharing the love of Christ with the world.  The gospel message that we share with the world offers the love of Jesus as a place of refuge and rest as well as creative authority to engender within the hopeless a new sense of spiritual vitality and possibility.  Thus “HOPE” is a strong and accurate description of both our empowerment and mission as the Body of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ.


What We Believe:

  • The Holy Bible is the word of God without any mixture of error and has God for its author
  • There is one, and only one, true God, an infinite, intelligent Spirit, the Maker and Supreme Ruler of heaven and earth
  • God is expressed in 3 persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
  • Salvation of sinners is wholly of grace through the son of God, Jesus the Christ.  The blessing of Salvation is made free to all by the gospel
  • The Holy Spirit is the agent of God at work in the earth today


Christian Service:

Living for God in our world through the expression of the love of Jesus Christ as our solution to human needs.


HOPE Church ~ Core Values:

  • Love: our foundation for effective Christian Service.
  • Healthy self image: seeing ourselves as God sees us.
  • Faith in God:  Depending on God to supply our personal needs while serving others.
  • Devotion to God:  Developing a stronger relationship with God through complete surrender to His will for our lives.