In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.
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2017-12-07 HOPE Church Bible Study Teaching - Pastor Wright: via @YouTube
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In order to grow & mature in Christ we need consistent time in the Word, Worship, Bible Study & Prayer.
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HOPE Church Foundational Ministries



The primary vehicle for Christian Outreach which proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unsaved Church Community

  • Design & Implementation of Community Outreach Programs
  • Street Witnessing
  • Door-to-Door in home witnessing


Spiritual Edification

This internally focused ministry is charged with providing opportunities for HOPE Members to enhance their spiritual awareness and maturity

Responsibilities Include:

  • Prayer, Praise & Worship Leadership
  •  Sponsorship of special services
  •  Retreat Facilitation
  •  Prayer Shut-Ins


Educational Advancement

Encompasses all phases of study provided by HOPE Church. The design, implementation, coordination, & evaluation of learning opportunities is the function of this ministry.

Various Learning Opportunities Include:

  •  Church School
  •  Bible Studies
  •  Vacation Bible School
  •  Tutorial Programs
  •  Continuing Ed. Information Coordinator


Personal Growth & Development

A ministry to provide opportunities for the healthy and effective development of Self. The focus is on the individual and the development of self-esteem by gaining a better perspective of God, Others, and Self.

Raising Self-Esteem by understanding our:

  •  Value to God
  •  Value to Others
  •  Personal Abilities (Gifts)
  •  Ability to Serve God


Family Growth & Development

This is HOPE Church’s mission to the family. God is glorified through the relationships formed, reconciled, and strengthened by this ministry.

Provide information on:

  •  The Marital Relationship for married couples
  •  The Marital Relationship for engaged couples
  •  The Role of the Husband
  •  The Role of the Wife
  •  Effective Parenting
  •  What God Requires of Children
  •  Effective Communication
  •  Christian View on Finances


Community Involvement

HOPE Church’s primary means of being active in the community. This ministry seeks opportunity to display the love and concern of Christ to those in the community. Purposefully maintain a Christian influence and impact on social issues, i.e. Unemployment, Education, Civil Justice, Housing.