In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.
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In order to grow & mature in Christ we need consistent time in the Word, Worship, Bible Study & Prayer.
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Pastor’s Blog

Just See Jesus 21 - FINAL


This page contains the thoughts and personal meditations of our Pastor, Reverend Dr. Clifford Wright Sr. Its purpose is to allow you to obtain a fuller awareness and knowledge of the Master and to help God’s Word come alive into our life situations.


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  • Clifford Wright:

    Laughter is a Window into the Human Heart
    God has blessed humanity with many expressions of our humanity to influence and impact the well-being of the individual as well as the social interactions of our shared existence. Human expressions such as compassion, anger, sorrow, and other disclosures of the human heart and spirit are all gifts from God designed to enhance our lives individually and collectively in community.
    One such expression is “laughter”, where does it come from, where does it originate. Laughter seems to show-up without our permission and often beyond our control. It is an outward expression of something that takes place deep within the individual. Yet it is infectious quickly having an effect on all within its reach. Laughter has the ability to heal or injure, it can be offensive or welcomed, and therefore it seems to be contextual in its effect. Laughter can be received as a gift or viewed as a weapon. The abuse or distortion of laughter is an often used ploy to hid ones true self or damage the true self of another. However, honest laughter that is accompanied by joy can show up in any situation or circumstance
    True and honest laughter is an expression of an inner peace that flows from a committed relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. True laughter is a reflection of a healthy Soul, a Disciple of the Lord Jesus seeking to live according to His Will. Others who don’t enjoy such a relationship with Jesus believe themselves to enjoy true laughter, but like all other aspects of life apart from Jesus, satan has distorted this as well. While we may not know exactly where laughter comes from, we can be sure of its purpose: to glorify God.
    We can gain insight into our heart and the health of our relationship with Jesus by noticing the cause of our laughter. What we laugh at, about, and who we laugh with all give strong indications of the health of our True Self and the focus and quality of our relationship with Jesus.
    Why do you Laugh?

  • Clifford Wright:

    Luke 13:6-9 And He began telling this parable: “A man had a fig tree which had been planted in his vineyard; and he came looking for fruit on it and did not find any. 7 “And he said to the vineyard-keeper, ‘Behold, for three years I have come looking for fruit on this fig tree without finding any. Cut it down! Why does it even use up the ground?’ 8 “And he answered and said to him, ‘Let it alone, sir, for this year too, until I dig around it and put in fertilizer; 9 and if it bears fruit next year, fine; but if not, cut it down.’”

    After three years of disappointing results the landowner is ready to give up on the potential fruitfulness of the fig tree. The landowner has every right to expect the fig tree to be productive and generate fruit for the landowner’s purposes. It is also reasonable for the landowner to repurpose the land occupied by the fruitless fig tree. The fig tree is fruitless and the landowner has condemned it, but the vine-dresser interceded and asked that grace be extended to the barren fig tree. If the fig tree would respond to the grace and efforts of the vine-dresser then the land owner would accept it.

    As we consider the Kingdom of God this parable of Jesus is extremely helpful. Humanity is the unfruitful fig tree. God our owner has every right to expect our lives to be fruitful and to give Him Glory. However, after three covenants which humanity failed to honor, Jesus our vine-dresser intercedes on our behalf. After the covenants of Noah, Abraham, and Moses, Jesus offers grace and the opportunity to be fruitful.

    Like the unfruitful fig tree, humanity can respond to the Grace, the Gospel and attention of Jesus and produce God honoring fruit or reject the Master’s efforts and remain the unchanged. Respond to Jesus and become acceptable to God or refuse Jesus and accept the consequences. It is Jesus’ desire that each of us, in relationship with Him, live lives that produce God Honoring Fruit.

  • Clifford Wright:

    We all have times in our lives when we feel like giving up. It is those times that we question “is it worth it”. We do all that we can without significant change; nothing seems to workout as we had hoped. We even begin to ask ourselves it we or our contributions have any real value at all. When we are confronted by such thoughts it is easy to think and feel that we are all alone. Feeling lonely, guilty and convince of our failures we miss the fact that our biblical role models were also hindered by such thoughts. Remeber Jeremiah who was throwing in the towel on ministry until he noticed fire burning in his bones. What about Joseph who was going to walk away from Mary and the unborn Jesus before Grabriel paid him a visit? Let us not forget Sarah, Hannah and Elizabeth the mother of John the Baptist and their attitudes of hopelessness before each received her miracle. We are in good company if we don’t quit. The quality that unite each of the faithful in our list and millions of others is the fact that they didn’t give up even when they felt like it; instead they trusted God.
    God has entrusted the care of His Kingdom and human community to the Church. Each of us, share in the responsibility and are obligated to God for the life and effectiveness of “Church Ministry”. We can Do It; we can fulfill God’s purpose of being Church. Our faithfulness is the strength necessary to resist the enemy and demonstrate the love and authority of God. God believes in us and He has entrusted to us what we need to be faithful and effective in the Kingdom.
    We are being challenged by fear generated through personal struggles at home and on the job. These challenges weaken our faith; threaten our security and way of life. As real as our struggles are they are tactics of the enemy of God designed to disempower those who claim to love Him. When we fail to trust God in difficult places we allow the enemy to do violence to God’s Kingdom and silence His witness in the community of those yet to Trust Jesus as Savior.
    We don’t have to give up, we can be faithful and see the full blessing of God at work through our lives. We can remain engaged and continue to build God’s Kingdom. We can protect ourselves from the flood of the enemy’s attacks through faithful and prayerful obedience to God. We can pay close attention to the needs of our communities and bless others for the Glory of God. Citizens of the Kingdom of God depend on eachother to remain strong so we are to care for each other within the Church as we care for our own bodies. Simply stated we are to never give up, never stop sharing the love, hope and faith that is found in the Lord Jesus Christ. The purpose of every Believer is to glorify God by living according to His Will as His representative in His Creation.
    Don’t forget…. The Victory is Not Giving UP!!!

    • Jess:

      “When we fail to trust God in difficult places we allow the enemy to do violence to God’s Kingdom and silence His witness in the community of those yet to Trust Jesus as Savior.”

      I loved that quote… thank you for encouraging me to press forward past the obstacles to trust Jesus and complete effective ministry.

  • Clifford Wright:

    Jesus Christ, the living Word, is God’s divine expression of self-revelation within human history. It is the life and words of Jesus which provide foundation and motivation for the Christian life that is pleasing to God Almighty. Through Jesus the essence and will of the Creator is made know to all desiring unity with the Eternal One. It is Jesus who gives voice to the grace and salvation of God that is active in the world. The purpose and responsibility of all believers is to serve as “Echoes” of God’s magnificent voice proclaiming God’s Divine Love and Gift found in Jesus the Christ.

    And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to the whole creation. – Mark 16:15

    As Echoes, believers are to receive and proclaim the very Word of God. We are to give repeated expression and declaration of the Work and Word of Jesus as we travel through life. Like Echoes, believers do not have the legitimate authority to change the message nor the privilege of determining who is to benefit from their proclamation. The only function of an echo is the continual repeating of the message received in its entirety. It is only when the echo becomes weak or there remains no one to receive its message does an echo fade. So it should be with believers; we are to repeat the Good News of Jesus as long as there are persons available to whom the message can be delivered. The obligation of the echo of the believer is not rooted in itself but in the authority of the originator of the message. Every believer is to be effective in the delivery of the message of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. It is this Gospel of the Lord Jesus that each believer must echo, from within the Kingdom of God to a sin filled world, for it is for God’s Glory we live, move, and have our being. This leaves us with the question of “the sufficient strength” of the believer. Many times the Christian feels weak or at least too tired to speak and remaining silent seems to be the preferred option. As inviting as this may appear, it is the responsibility of the Believer, who is echoing Jesus, to be an effective witness, trusting Jesus to make them strong in the midst of their weakness. As Echoes, believers must depend on their source for not only the message but also the strength to fulfill its purpose.

    Wherefore I take pleasure in weaknesses, in injuries, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses, for Christ’s sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong. – 2 Cor. 12:10

    Believers like echoes, are the consequence of another’s actions. Therefore, neither believers nor echoes can claim credit or glory for the message or its influence in the world. Like Echoes, Christians are to leave no part of the message unexpressed and are obligated to continue proclamation for the duration of their earthly journey. Unseen in the natural world while focusing attention on the LORD Jesus, never exalting one’s self is the attitude and goal of the effective and holy Echo-Servant of Jesus the Messiah.

    And I would not have you ignorant, brethren, that oftentimes I purposed to come unto you (and was hindered hitherto), that I might have some fruit in you also, even as in the rest of the Gentiles. 14 I am debtor both to Greeks and to Barbarians, both to the wise and to the foolish. 15 So, as much as in me is, I am ready to preach the gospel to you also that are in Rome. 16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek. 17 For therein is revealed a righteousness of God by faith unto faith: as it is written, But the righteous shall live by faith. – Romans 1:13-17

  • Clifford Wright:

    In our fast paced world of scientific and technological genius it almost seems simple and narrow minded to trust the Bible for life direction. In fact many have placed the Bible on the shelf of obsolete idealism. Our children are no longer taught the Word of God as a necessary scholastic field of study in our schools and institutions of higher learning. They are not taught in our homes that the Bible holds for them life lessons and practical truths necessary to navigate life. The simple truth is we believe ourselves to have become too intelligent to believe or trust the Bible. These misguided decisions have proven to be the undoing of the fabric or our families, churches and society at large. By dismissing the Bible we have silenced the active voice of God in our lives. By trusting in contemporary socially accepted ideals and practices we have ignorantly disobeyed and offended the Most High God.

    One very clear example of this is our handling of God’s resources. We treat the money, power, talents and influence allotted to us by God as if it is ours to do with as we please. “Without God we could do nothing”, the problem is we don’t believe that to be true. We think that we do all that we do and have all that we have on our own without the aid of God. This attitude toward God and life leads to an existence that is void of God’s power and in many ways stripped of His Blessing. Consider the Bible lesson of the Children of Israel as they begin their campaign to occupy the promise land. God told them in Joshua 6:18-19 that all gained from the victory over Jericho was to be presented to God. This was a very clear message that was understood and accepted by the Children of Israel before their victory over Jericho. But in Joshua ch.7, after they have been made victorious by the grace and power of God, they disobeyed God. That is one man, Achan, did and God told Joshua that all of Israel had sinned. The sin of Achan, and therefore Israel, was he stole from God by taking what was God’s possession and treating it as if it was his own. Because of this sin Israel was defeated by Ai a very small and seemingly insignificant community. It was not until the sin of Achan was dealt with and removed that Israel was made victorious again.

    We learn from this lesson that many of our issues are the result of the sin of stealing from God. Our theft has impact not only on our lives by on the entire Kingdom of God. When we live as if we are masters over the money, influence, etc. given to us by God, even the smallest of challenges in our lives leave us wounded and confused.

    Let’s learn from Israel. Repent and remove the sin of Achan, the sin of disobeying God by stealing from Him.

    God desires to make us Victorious Again.

    • Susan Thompson:

      Thank you Pastor for your blog messages. I feel inspired through your words. And, I may not have everything right, but I know I have God by my side. Keep sharing God’s word with His sheep we need to hear it.

  • Clifford Wright:

    NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick has ignited at movement among NFL players and other professional athletes. The quarterback of the San Francisco 49’ers refuses to stand during the pre-game playing of the National Anthem. Mr. Kaepernick protest is not meant to be disrespectful of our great nation or of the iconic flag which represent the United States and our way of life. In fact it is his love of Nation and dedication to the United States’ way of life that motivated the movement. Mr. Kaepernick has stated that he will again stand for the National Anthem once significant progress has been made toward the inclusion of all people in the American Dream. The “Take a Knee” protest calls for the equable, civil, social, economic, educational, etc., treatment of all people in our Nations. As with anyone who dares to allow their voice to be heard, there are those who support as well as those who condemn. Whether we agree with Mr. Kaepernick or not, we can appreciate his courage and passion. He and others are willing to take a stand for what they believe; a stand that does not require harm of the oppressor, but demands the liberation of the oppressed.

    The Church, the Body of Christ is also visible in the World or at least we should be. We have been given voice and purpose by the LORD JESUS to make known His divine presence among humanity. The obligation of rightly handling the WORD of God as His effective witnesses in the world is all consuming. We, the Church, are accountable to God for our words and actions. Therefore we must be courageous, vocal and visible all for the glory and honor of the Risen Savior. To accomplish this we, like quarterback Colin Kaepernick, must discover within ourselves the courage and passion to stand and give voice and take action for what we believe. If we believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, the soon coming King than to this we must give voice. If we believe that the life of Jesus and the Bible are the guiding principles by which we are to live our lives than we must take action and become true Disciples. The Church must also “Take a Knee” not in protest but in submission to our Lord and Savior.

    As demonstrated by Colin Kaepernick and all those who have joined in with him, the world has no problem standing up and speaking out for what they believe or desire. We, at any given time, can hear and observe the world speaking or acting out in some form of “self-serving” protest. “Self-serving” is not always bad, but it is always self-serving, thought to be beneficial for an individual or group. This demand for “personal satisfaction” can be seen in evil movements, as well as, those considered helpful to society. Too often when the world is loudest the Church grows increasingly silent.

    The Church, you and I, are responsible for rightly handling the power and influence that comes with representing God. To remain silent, knowing the world needs to hear the Master’s voice and experience His active presence is to live in open rebellion against God who called us to be witnesses. There are many who claim to speak for the Church and the cause of Christ who neither love God or His Church. So it is time for us the True Believer’s in the Lord Jesus Christ to “stand up and speak out” “No Shame” we will be passionate and courageous in our living for the glory and honor of the LORD. The Church is called by God to serve and represent Him in His Created World. It is time for the World to experience the unapologetic love, power, and authority of the King of kings through His Body the Church.

  • Clifford Wright:

    Strong Enough to Love

    Our lives are so busy and the demands of this world are so many that it is easy to forget, maybe even ignore, our Lords command to serve Him by blessing others. Far too often we make ourselves feel better by convincing ourselves that we would do more if we could, but right now in our life more is not possible. We explain to God, others and ourselves that our schedules, budgets, more important relationships, etc. won’t permit any further involvement into the matters of others. If this tactic fails to convince we begin to defame ourselves by suggesting that we are ill-equipped and even powerless to help the person or people in need. This is all to justify and soothe the discomfort of doing nothing, or not enough, while others suffer.

    This situation is made worse when Christians and the Church don’t forget or think themselves too busy to obey God and bless others, but simply can’t be bothered. When we think so little of ourselves that we have to dominate, devalue or dehumanize others simply to feel okay, we expose within ourselves a deep spiritual and psychological fracture. When a Christian of one ethnicity can witness and justify the abuse, systemic or otherwise, of another ethnic group there is a deep spiritual break that separates that Believer from the essence of the Master. A spiritual break this massive within the Christian results in psychological trauma resulting from the mind attempting to rationalize and resolve the conflicting messages received from the Holy Spirit and the damaged and disobedient spirit of the individual. The Holy Spirit calls the individual to love and righteousness while the rebellious human spirit calls for hatred and self-justification.

    It is ungodly and out of step with true Christianity for anyone to feel vindicated because one who has harmed them is killed. It is true that at times the defense of self and others will require the taking of the life that threatens, however, this should never bring joy. If we believe the Bible and judgment and hell are real then the true Christian will pray for the repentance, salvation and deliverance of those who live and act against the will of God. It is a costly mistake to believe that God loves you more than He loves your enemies. God fights on the side of the oppressed so are you sure you want to trade places with your oppressor? When God delivers us we are to restore life and love. It is an insult to God to be delivered by Him to only replace the hatred and tyranny of our fallen oppressor with our own brand of the same.

    The Church, Christians, are those whom God has delivered. God has given us the strength resist and overcome evil, don’t abuse God’s Grace, Stand UP for righteousness.

    • Tanya Ashley Will Ashleys wife:

      Dear Rev Wright (Cliff),

      Thank you for this thoughtful message.

      • seejesus:

        Mrs. Ashley,
        Thank you for your gracious comment. Please know that the other details of your post will be forwarded to Pastor Wright and he will be in touch with you soon.

  • Clifford Wright:

    The presence of the Church of the Living Lord Jesus in the earth is not negotiable. The Church is here to stay until the Lord lifts her to glory. As an organization the church may be growing weaker. The voices of the Pastors, Priests and Elders of the church fail to garner the respect enjoyed in days of old. Contemporary society cares little about the history, values, or mission of the modern church. In fact most people today find little benefit in the organization or its purpose. The message of the church has been distorted and in many cases turned into marketing jingles and gimmicks. Yes, the church as an organization is struggling and some would argue dying in our age.

    This, however, is not the state of affairs for the Church as Organism. The Body of Christ is alive and well. The organic Church is still calling men, women, boys, and girls into a relationship with the LORD Jesus Christ. The hands of the true and living Church are still feeding the hungry and caring for the sick and needy. The heartbeat of the Body of the Risen LORD is still willing to make sacrifice for the good of others. The Church as an Organism doesn’t get much coverage on the 24 hour news cycle; ratings are helped more by the church as organization. But the organization is not the true church. Yes, the True Church is organized but it is a living entity and not an immovable structure.

    It is the behavior not the rhetoric that makes one distinguishable from the other. The Church as Organism will give its life attempting to save the life of another. The church as organization will demand that others give their lives to preserve the life of the church. The Church as Organism will sacrifice to feed the hungry and give opportunity to the marginalized. The church as organization will blame the marginalized and find a way to justify denying the hungry of food. The Church as Organism will condemn evil even within its ranks and offer aid to the victim. The church as organization will conceal wrong-doers, further victimizing the victims all to protect its name, market share, and pursuits of self-interest.

    The church as an organization, in its effort to deceive, attempts to speak the language and wear the clothes of the Church as Organism. If the efforts of the Church are fixated on honoring and glorifying God by loving, restoring, and respecting others, then be sure it is the Church as Organism. Otherwise, know that is just the organization attempting to deceive while selfishly rejecting Christ and caring only for itself.

    The witness of your life gives testimony, so how do you judge your life? Are you a part of the Church as Organism or are you a member of the church as organization? Are you concerned about the welfare of all others or are you only interested in the well-being of yourself and those who are like you?

  • Clifford Wright:

    1 Thess 5:14-18 And we urge you, brothers and sisters, warn those who are idle and disruptive, encourage the disheartened, help the weak, be patient with everyone. 15 Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always strive to do what is good for each other and for everyone else. 16 Rejoice always, 17 pray continually, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

    It is the will of God that Believers live lives of service. The unbeliever lives his or her life, at all cost to self and others, for personal benefit and enjoyment. It is the selfish attitude of the world to resisting speaking life into the lives of others, unwilling to take the personal risk to be a blessing to others. Paul encourages Believes to challenge the misguided attitudes and behaviors of others. His words suggest that the Church is obligated to give unsolicited direction and warning to those wasting their lives and creating disorder in the lives of others. Simply leaving others to their own choices is not how Paul seems to prescribe the life of the Believer. The Faithful are to urge better behavior from those who are un-engaged as well as from those who bring confusion into the lives of others.

    The Church and every Believer is to be engaged in the process of lifting humanity. Many go through life hopeless and depressed. They fail to see the promise of better that is Jesus. They overlook the many blessings that the LORD add to their lives each day. Their inability to see, recognize, and submit to God give definition to the role of the Believer. Disciples of the Lord Jesus are to encourage others by helping them embrace the active hand of God’s Grace in their lives. The disheartened gains confidence and the weak receive strength when they realize that the Lord has not forgotten them; that He is yet caring being God in their lives.

    The Miracle that takes place when the weak becomes strong and the hopeless receives hope cannot be stolen, canceled or reversed by the enemy. The only way for the strong to become weak and hopeful to become disheartened is for the Disciple to stop following God. This is why Paul writes don’t return evil for evil to do so will only harm you and diminish the effects of God’s miracle in your life. Take Paul’s advice, seek to do good at all time and for everyone. Allow the Will and Word of God to direct you rather than your emotions or sense of justice and fairness.

    Obedience to God liberates you to awesome peace and power that comes with walking in God’s presence. So you can join other Christians in always and continuously rejoicing, praying, and giving thanks with the full understanding that this is God’s Will for the life of the True Christian.

  • Clifford Wright:

    James 4:7,10 Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. ….10 Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up. NIV

    Our world is rapidly becoming more and more evil. It seems that each day brings with it a more demonic act or situation then the day before. People seem to care less and less about others and only care about that which benefits themselves. This situation of decaying humanity shouldn’t be a surprise to Bible believing Christians. The Lord told us in His Word that would happen as the love of many wax cold. The situation of our world is difficult and dark but it is not hopeless for the Believer. The Lord promises that where sin grows, grace grows much more. Sin can never overturn holiness; evil will never cancel good because Satan is powerless to defeat Jesus.

    The hope of the Believer and the hope that the Believer is to offer to others is the promise that Jesus will never forsake us. We can escape the encroaching darkness of evil by submitting to the God of Glory. There is a difference between “seeing the darkness” and being engulfed by the darkness. Christians see the darkness all around. For the Church, the darkness represents opportunity to serve God and humanity. We are to submit to God (James 4:7) accept His divine authority over our lives; this gives us the victory over the father of lies. We remain in the brilliance of God’s Glory by obeying God. As long as we obey the LORD we are empowered and entrusted to minister to those trapped in darkness without being overtaken by the darkness ourselves. Submitting to God protects us from the influence of the enemy by keeping us out of his devilish reach.

    We are not to replace God’s will with our desires. It is the obligation of the Believer to resist the evil one. We are to stand in opposition to the temptations, trials, and lies of God’s enemy. That means that the Christian is to remain committed to holiness under every circumstance and in all situations. Resisting the evil one requires the Church collectively and the individual Believer to oppose and endure every evil force both external and internal to the Church and Believer. Christians must remember that our weapons are not carnal but are mighty through God. That means that Believers are not to respond, act, or fight from the same motivation or with the same methods as the world. After all, the world is acting from a position and posture of darkness, evil and hatred. The Lord Jesus has set the Believer free and lifted His Church above the weight of evil.

    If you serve God and refuse to give the enemy access to your life, than in recognition of his defeat Satan will flee from you. Your God given righteousness will force the prince of darkness to run for safety. Never forget our Greatest and most Powerful Weapon against the enemy is our Obedience to God.

  • Clifford Wright:

    Matt 19:19 honor your father and mother,’ and ‘love your neighbor as yourself.'” NIV

    Faithful Christians live to honor God. The hope and purpose of the Believer’s life is to exalt the Master. The opportunity to serve Jesus is sufficient motivation for true Disciples to maintain holy attitudes and behaviors. It is the Christian’s commitment to God that empowers the ability to love beyond self-interest. By definition Love is a selfless act of blessing another without demanding or expecting something in return. Love is a Gift not an investment. When we love others it is then that we are most like God. Love is not a passive emotion rather it is an aggressive character trait. Love doesn’t allow evil to continue unabated. To the contrary Love defeats the power of evil while honoring human life in the process. It is the acknowledgement of God’s presence active in human affairs that makes truly loving others possible.

    Jesus instructs the young leader (Mt. 19) that honoring his parents and loving his neighbors was necessary to fulfill the will of God. To fully do either we must be willing to Love God and allow God to love others through us. Respect for our parents is more than appreciating their contributions to our lives. To honor our parents we must not waste their sacrifice. If we honor our parents and ancestors we must build upon their God honoring legacy. The contemporary Church must honor and value our fore parent’s victories and advancements in religious freedom, social equality, and civil justice. To ignore and waste opportunities paid for by our parent’s life blood is an extreme dishonor.

    The young leader is also informed by the LORD that he is to love his neighbor. It is the will of God that humanity care for one another. The human race has gotten this all wrong and unfortunately many Christians have followed suit with the world. To Love God is to Obey God and obedience to God requires that we love our neighbors. Loving our neighbor is based our covenant with God and not on the attitude or behavior of our neighbor. Love is not giving others their way, it is always representing God in the midst of human interaction. We offer correction, forgiveness, discipline, and restoration as God gives direction in His Word (the Bible) all as active love for our neighbor. The love of God always values the individual therefore our love for our neighbor is to always value and honor the individual’s worth.

    Faithful obedience to God, honoring our parents and loving our neighbors is how we make our world a better place. Our most valuable asset is our ability to Love.

  • Clifford Wright:

    The Lord Jesus Christ is the model and goal for the life of all Christians. The collective Church is referred to as the Body of Christ in the Word of God. As believers in the Lord Jesus it is our responsibility to represent and fulfill His will in the earth. Jesus spoke to politicians but He was not political. He addressed social issues but He was not a social activist. Jesus debated civil rights but He was not looking to overturn government. Jesus simply and consistently stood up for righteousness. Jesus gave His life in living, as well as in death, to defend the weak, demand justice for the poor and liberty for all. No matter what our station in life, as faithful Christians, we also must stand for righteousness. The world suffers when the Church is silent. People are dehumanized when the Church is absent. We are called to be light it is time to shine (Mt. 5:15).

    The hands of Jesus, while He walked the earth, healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, fed the hungry and lifted the down-trodden. If we are to be the body of Christ in our world we must become outraged at the continual abuse of the marginalized and powerless among us. As the hands of Jesus we must be dedicated to the lifting of burdens from the lives of the powerless.

    The voice of Jesus encouraged and called ALL to come to Him. Our Lord gave everyone the same invitation and therefore the same access to Himself. It was the voice of The Christ that commanded demons to vacate the lives of those thought to be social misfits, violent personalities, hopeless cases and blights on society; all whom were given new life and opportunities with Jesus. If we, The Christian Church, is to be the voice of God in the land we must speak love, acceptance and hope to the disenfranchised while speaking divine truth to power. The voice of Jesus through the Church must inform and encourage our leaders and decision makers who are striving to do good; while challenging, holding accountable and resisting those same offices when righteousness is no longer the goal.

    The feet of Jesus goes to the sick, hurting, and lost to share with them the gospel. The Grace of “Emanuel” God with us is that God came to us to deliver us from our sins, pain and suffering. If we are to be His Body in the Earth than the Church must go to where the hurting are and stop demanding they come to where we are physically, emotionally and especially spiritually. To be like Jesus requires us to leave the comfort of our safe lives and go to the hurting that they might know of the transformative power of God’s Love.

    The heart of Jesus led Jesus to the His Cross where He gave His life for ALL of humanity. The only way to have changed Jesus’ action was to first change His heart. It is the condition of the heart which animates life and gives form and meaning to the words we speak. Our World-View is determined not by what we see but by who we are, what we are. If we are Christian then it is impossible to silently tolerate injustice and abuse of anyone. Only a heart unlike Jesus’ can remain silent or justify the hatred, brutalization, dehumanization, and even murder that the poor and people of color are forced to suffer in our nation. It was the silence of the Christian Church within the dominate culture that led to the Negro Spiritual lyric “everybody talking about heaven ain’t going”.

    The Church is called to be the Body of Christ in the World and as such we are obligated to share the Love of God with all of humanity. Staying safe while others perish is not the example or way of the Cross. If we are unwilling to bear the cross of being responsible for others than we are not true disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is enough for True Disciples to be LIKE their TEACHER…It is enough for us to be like JESUS!!! (Mt. 10:25)

    • Charles Broden:

      Thank you for the opportunity to respond to your thoughts. We have become fragile, but have overcome obstacles such as skin color, society, fragmentation, poverty and economic pressure. The Christian Church should take a close look at its ministry and membership. We must be strong in our foundation of God’s word. We must be willing to meet today’s challenges with strong biblical ministry, advocacy, membership, and the will to stand for God’s righteousness. Will you give me the biblical meaning of God’s righteousness?

      • Clifford Wright:

        Thank you for your thoughtful comments.
        I believe the Bible teaches us that God’s Righteousness is transmitted to us when we accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. It is the righteousness of Christ that makes us righteous. However, we live righteous lives when we conduct life’s affairs with a heart determined to obey and honor God. A righteous life honors God in both intent and expression.
        Remeber to aways – Just See Jesus

  • Missy:

    Amen to that Pastor. This is definitely share worthy!

  • Clifford Wright:

    The Christian Church in America must be united by the Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Great Sacrifice made by our Lord was for all of humanity. To honor political, racial, social, economic, or even religious views over loyalty to Jesus is to tarnish His Cross. It is unchristian and a distortion of who Jesus is to justify or rationalize evil in any form, motivated by any cause. The unjust slaying of black and brown people by law enforcement and the ambush slayings of law enforcement officers are equally evil, horrific, and cause for the Church to stand up and speak out for the victimized. For anyone, especially Christians, to fail to condemn either of these cowardly and satanic acts is an insult to our LORD. The Church must demonstrate and proclaim the love and justice of Jesus at home by taking a stand against evil and wrong-doers. The Words and Actions of the Church must say to those victimized You Matter. As Peter and John were to the life of the lame man at the Beautiful Gate, we too must hold the abused by the hand and as we lift them assure them that in the name of Jesus they can stand.

    To fulfill the Great Commission the Church in America must step up and speak out at Home. It is not the spirit of “True Christianity” to feed children on foreign soil and do nothing while children in our nation starve at home or get gunned down in the streets by criminals in and out of uniform. What reward do we expect to receive from God for building houses in developing countries while creating zoning laws and unfair lending practices designed to keep people of color out of some neighborhoods and ensuring that they remain in communities with few opportunities and many obstacles? Our preaching on foreign soil is an empty and vain gesture if we remain silent while those at home are being abused, marginalized and murdered. As long as we are alright with some schools being known for sending students to college and others for sending inmates to prison, we are in danger of the LORD saying to us “depart from me for I never knew you”.

    The most powerful and effective weapon used to destroy the fabric of this nation is not automatic guns, the social construct called racism, or the dehumanizing, criminal and biased distribution of wealth; it is the silence, complacency and impotence of the Christian Church. Individuals claiming to be the Church of the Living God silently allow sinful and shameful atrocities to grip our communities and our primary response is to blame the victimized, as shared by Brian Gumbel. (

    A silent church is the result of impotent Christians who deny the power and command of the Lord Jesus Christ to provide for the poor and bear the burdens of the weak. Speaking truth to power is often uncomfortable but is always necessary if the Church is to fulfill its mission in the earth. Here is how we can get started and impact our Nation for Jesus.

    1. Read the Gospels for yourself and learn from the life of Jesus how we are to live in community
    2. Read the works of the New Testament for yourself and allow God to transform your heart and guide your life
    3. Acknowledge and compliment law enforcement officers who do their job well and with respect for those they serve.
    4. Report and file complaints against law enforcement officers who abuse their power and those they are employed to serve. Follow up on your complaint requesting details on disciplinary actions taken.
    5. Report criminal activity, providing law enforcement with as much information as possible.
    6. Speak out against the evil that your community normally accepts, justifies, or rationalizes
    7. Speak in support of the larger community that is demonized by those in your circle because of the evil deeds of a few
    8. Expose yourself to the honest (not hateful) social critique offered by those whose views differ from your own
    9. Fully support your local church so that more can be done than just keeping the lights on.

    **To respond, please select “Reply” on the line below.**

    • seejesus:

      Missy wrote: Amen to that Pastor. This is definitely share worthy!

    • Jess:

      Wow! The silent church is our biggest obstacle. I pray we will begin Speaking LOUDLY 4 our Savior.

    • Terri Blocker:

      Amen. I myself have heard these same excuses from others and sadly from our own people. We truly need more Christ in our lives to pray for others. The victims as well as those who do the evil and not keep Christ or the blessings of God in a box for our uses only. This war is real!

  • Terri Blocker:

    Several scriptures come to mind in reading this..If my People who are called by My Name…we have to stay mindful of who we belong to and bring Glory to God in all we do and say. Prayer does change things but we must put Him first. As Christ did, we too must be about the Father’s business. Sharing the Gospel of Christ by mouth, and our actions. Seek ye First the Kingdom of God…, put on the whole armor of God……,We wrestle not against flesh and blood…it is not the people but the evil that prevails when we don’t seek God for our lives and the lives of others.

  • Charles Broden:

    In his book “The Souls of Black Folk”, W.E.B.DuBois wrote–The problem of the twentieth century is the problem of the color line. Today the Black Christian leaders and the White Christian leaders should delete the terms religious left and religious right, and have real Christian discussions on skin color.

  • Thank you, Pastor Wright, for sharing your powerful message for such a time as this. I have prayerfully received your wisdom and pray that this message will spread to Christian leaders and laymen beyond the boundaries of your community. Your action points can serve as a structured guide for those who have a passion to make a difference for Christ. If there is a way that you could post this message on my WordPress blog, that would be a blessing. Meanwhile, let us be mindful that this battle is the Lord’s, but He has equipped and empowered us with the Spirit to go into the world and preach the gospel to all nations. Thank you for being a blessing during this tumultuous time in our nation and the world.

  • Minister Sontrice Bright:


  • Clifford Wright:

    Is the Church The Body of Jesus or are we just casting Shadows of Darkness?

    The Christian Church cannot be the Body of Christ and simultaneously remain silent as evil destroy lives. If we represent Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the earth we must care about that which concerns Him. That which breaks the heart of God must also break our hearts. We are either Jesus’ Body in the earth or a shadow casting darkness upon it. As His body we represent His will and way, we transmit the glory of His presence within a dark world. If we are only shadows then we stand between the brilliance of God’s Glory and a desperate world serving only to prevent those whom we are instructed to love from experiencing the awesomeness of God’s Love. As shadows we are Disciples of Jesus who refuse to follow and obey Him or His teaching.

    Jesus did not execute wrong-doers, but while holding them accountable, He loved them and talked with them attempting to win them to Himself. The Church must stop allowing the media to define us. We are not bigots or narrow minded individuals because we believe the Bible on matters of sin, justice, and community. The state has no God given right to tell us to mind our business and focus on the religious stuff as dysfunctional and evil persons, systems and authorities continue to unjustly injure, imprison and kill the black and brown among us while no one is held accountable. If we believe Jesus then every aspect of our lives is “religious stuff” and we are unfaithful Christians when we desire vengeance or privilege over God’s righteousness. The Church, as witnesses of The Christ, has an obligation to Jesus and to society to share with everyone the truth of scripture. The gang banger and governor, the single mother and the mayor, the poor and the rich all deserve to hear the truth of Jesus Christ and it remains the Church’s responsibility to share the same gospel truth with them all. Each of us are members of a race, we all have socio-political views, evil impacts each of our lives, but as the Christian Church every Believer must first have allegiance to Jesus and His love for all of humanity. Following Jesus ensures that our diversity (i.e. culture, social structures, race, gender, etc.) given to us by God to make us whole and strong, are not misunderstood or misrepresented as causes, excuses nor symbols of separation or division. The only point of significant difference recognized in the Word of God is our acceptance or rejection of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and our willingness to follow Him as such (Gal 3:28 There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male or female. For you are all Christians — you are one in Christ Jesus. NLT).

    The Church of Jesus Christ has allowed superficial differences to create massive separation and fractures within the Body of Jesus. The Church today is so concerned with advancing either the “Liberal” or “Evangelical” view and political position that we are willing to abandon the true work of Christ and hand victory over to the enemy. When the “Religious Right” refuses to speak out and demand that police officers who murder in the streets of our nation be held accountable something is terribly wrong in our Church and with our view of Christianity. When the “Religious Left” can’t admit that there are problems in our communities and families there is something terribly wrong in our Church and with our understanding of what it means to be Christ-like. Because of this wicked and sinful deviation from the Gospel the evil-one is able to use oppression, murder, abuse of authority and power, self-hatred and other forms of now normalized evil to upset and destroy humanity (John 10:10 The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give life in all its fullness. NLT). Satan has even effectively caused the Church of the Living God to consume and disempower itself through infighting and demonizing Christians within the Body. Christians are so concerned about personal pleasure or winning the war within the Church for their brand of Christianity that we have lost our “saltiness”. We are charged by Christ to be light in the World, but instead we cast shadows. We are to speak for the voiceless and bear the infirmities of the weak. But in many instances we only speak for ourselves and those who are most like us while not lifting burdens but adding to the load that the weak is forced to carry.

    Life, all human life, is to be sacred to us and as the Church we are to defend and promote life. Yes, we are to make disciples, but one must be alive in order to respond to the gospel. Physical life is a prerequisite for spiritual life. Jesus, while on earth, never did death’s job. He never took life. In fact every record we have of Jesus present Him as One who reversed the effects of death. If we are His Body in the earth than it is for us to promote life and to stand against all that would destroy the same.

    If you are a Disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, if you Love Him and His Church, then step forward and take a stand for righteousness. Here are some ways that we can make a difference and have immediate impact.

    1.Read the Gospels for yourself and learn from the life of Jesus how we are to live in community

    2.Read the works of the New Testament for yourself and allow God to transform your heart and guide your life

    3.Speak out against the evil that your community normally accept, justify, or rationalize

    4.Speak in support of the larger community that is demonized by those in your circle because of the evil deeds of a few

    5.Develop relationships and friendships (As Equals) with Christians of a different race and socio-economic background

    6.Expose yourself to the honest (not hateful) social critique offered by those whose views differ from your own

    7.Offer yourself and your resources as God’s active grace in the lives of those devastated by evil and horrific lose

    8.Fully support your local church so that more can be done than just keeping the lights on.

    • seejesus:

      Minister Sontrice Bright wrote: AMEN!

      • Clifford Wright:

        Thank you for prayer – Amen means “Let it be So” this is a powerful and encouraging prayer.

    • seejesus:

      Lillian Clark wrote: Thank you, Pastor Wright, for sharing your powerful message for such a time as this. I have prayerfully received your wisdom and pray that this message will spread to Christian leaders and laymen beyond the boundaries of your community. Your action points can serve as a structured guide for those who have a passion to make a difference for Christ. If there is a way that you could post this message on my WordPress blog, that would be a blessing. Meanwhile, let us be mindful that this battle is the Lord’s, but He has equipped and empowered us with the Spirit to go into the world and preach the gospel to all nations. Thank you for being a blessing during this tumultuous time in our nation and the world.

      • Clifford Wright:

        Sister Clark, Thank you for your comments. I also pray that the wider Christian community get this message or one like it which calls us from our areas of comfort and into the active resistance of evil.
        I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to post this message on your blog. The reality is I am new at all this and I don’t know how to attach it to your site.
        Thank you.

    • seejesus:

      Charles Broden wrote: In his book “The Souls of Black Folk”, W.E.B.DuBois wrote–The problem of the twentieth century is the problem of the color line. Today the Black Christian leaders and the White Christian leaders should delete the terms religious left and religious right, and have real Christian discussions on skin color.

      • Clifford Wright:

        Brother Charles, Thank you for taking the time to give comments. Dr. DuBois was a visionary and his critique of the Church in America, I think, was spot on. Unfortunately, the negative attention given to skin color is an issue that is not going to be resolved in the near future. Therefore, faithful Christians must trust God beyond our differences and stand together as the Body of Christ against all evil.

        • Charles Broden:

          The issue of skin color may not be resolved by human efforts, but the Christian Church should not be hesitant in using the terms black skin and white skin in our discussions. The only biblical race is the human race. Skin color is a descriptive term like height and weight. When the Christian Church uses terms like the dominant culture, what does it mean?

    • seejesus:

      Terri Blocker wrote: Several scriptures come to mind in reading this..If my People who are called by My Name…we have to stay mindful of who we belong to and bring Glory to God in all we do and say. Prayer does change things but we must put Him first. As Christ did, we too must be about the Father’s business. Sharing the Gospel of Christ by mouth, and our actions. Seek ye First the Kingdom of God…, put on the whole armor of God……,We wrestle not against flesh and blood…it is not the people but the evil that prevails when we don’t seek God for our lives and the lives of others.

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